Our Mission

The mission of every church should be the one from Jesus in Matt 28:19,20 and Acts 1:8 which says, to make disciples, starting in Jerusalem, then moving out to Judea, Samaria and the World.

Our Mission statement , based on those Scriptures,  communicates how we intend to make disciples of our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the world.
Our mission is,
"To inspire people to follow Jesus, by embracing them to know, encouraging them to grow and equipping them to go.
First, for those who aren't following Jesus, we Embrace them so that they might know and start following Jesus.
Second, for those who are following Jesus, we Encourage them to grow in that relationship with Jesus.
 Third, also for those who are following Jesus, we Equip them to go serve him. 
Our mission also extends beyond Hayfield. God wants to use Cedar Creek more and more to further his kingdom locally and globally so that people all around the world will be inspired to follow Jesus!
Sunday morning service 10:00 AM

Cedar Creek Church
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